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Note: I don't recommend or endorse any service on this website. But, these are some Toronto services I know about and/or use. I've had good results with them. You may or may not experience similar results.



Goldfarb, Shulman Patel C.A.'s

For my money,  they're, hands down, the top C.A. firm in Toronto. Much better than any other medium sized firm I know and even better than the Big 4 firms.

They have a 7 person tax team including two full time US tax people and  a GST specialist. They've been around for more than 40 years and do everything in accounting, auditing and tax except that they don't perform audits on publicly traded companies.

Their office is on Highway 7 near Dufferin in Concord Ont. Their phone is 905-326-6800.

Contact: either of Larry Shulman, C.A., Jeff Goldfarb C.A., Nizar Manji C.A., or Russ Sugar C.A.

If you need specialized tax help, and are willing to pay  for  it, call Susan Farina C.A., CPA. She heads Goldfarb's tax department. For GST help, call Wayne Mandel.


Mortgage Financing

I use an outfit called Ultimate Mortgage owned by a British gentleman, James Bell. Call him at 416-398-8288. 

He's helped me twice in the past. First time was when we were renovating a bungalow we had just bought. Because we had not yet sold our former residence, we had to finance both properties for a period of a few months. This required quite a bit of juggling by Mr Bell. I am  grateful to him for his efforts.

By the way, if you need your home financed or re-financed--  don't use the banks!. Their rates are too high and their service is poor, in my opinion.  A competent mortgage broker such as Mr Bell will shop for you for an interest rate lower than any bank will charge.

Mortgage broker cum real estate agent

Ray Kar is one of the savviest guys I've met. He  specializes in both  mortgage financing and real estate. His website  is

Retirement planning

Recently a client of mine was about to turn 65. He needed advice about which pension option of several was the best for him.  I turned him to Mark Halpern (905-475-1313), a life insurance agent and a financial planner. My client was very  pleased with the service provided by Mr Halpern


Writing and editing services

The web is teeming with freelancers offering to re-English your written work. I've used a few myself to transform my idiotic screed to passable idiomatic prose. One impressive freelancer I've used and will hopefully use again is Abby Hagyard: She's inexpensive and has excellent literary skills. Her email is:

Personal injury lawyers

These Diamond boys are very friendly and professional. I've thankfully never had to use their services, but I know them personally and  hear only good things about them

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers
(416) 256-1600
700 Lawrence Avenue West
North York, ON M6A 3B4, Canada


Recently (Dec '05), I used Core Mechanical (416-743-2124) to get to the "root" of a drain back up. They used a video camera and showed me all the cracks in the pipe, all the way to the street.  They didn't fix all the cracks. That would have been too expensive. But, there was a crack underneath the concrete floor in the basement that had to be dealt with. They replaced a section of pipe. A tough job that leaves quite a mess. But,  unlike some other contractors who let the homeowner clean up after them, they  left the place just as clean as when they started.

Appliance Service

I learnt a lesson recently (Dec '05). I asked an electrician to fix a fridge whose freezer needed continuous manual defrosting. He really couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then, I tried Ahlfield Appliance Repair (905-709-3393). He immediately found out it was a faulty timer, a common problem, he said. He also, another time, fixed a kitchen stove that tripped a breaker. Here, a metal plate had worked its way loose and caused a wire to short.

In both cases, he was in and out within half an hour and charged a reasonable fee.

Moral: If you have an appliance problem you're better off going to an appliance specialist  like Ahlfield who knows appliances inside out, than trying your luck with an electrician.


Homeopathic Doctor

Marilyn Freedman

More than a homeopathic practitioner, Marilyn Freedman has has great success in helping kids and teens with behavioural problems. She has keen insight in understanding why kids and teens act the way they do. Her number is 416-823-7918.





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