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There's stuff I can and will do and there's stuff I can't and won't do. I don't try to pretend to do everything for everybody.

New for 2009: US tax returns prepared for you. If you're a Canadian resident and a US citizen, or if you're a Canadian working in the US, you'll need to file both a US and a Canadian return. I've recently networked with an experienced cross border specialist so that I can help you take care of all your filing needs. Now, to get the two returns filed, you don't have to shop around for two accountants.

And, I absolutely refuse to get involved in anything that's not totally in accord with the laws of Canada.

But, if you're an owner- manager of a business and you're a resident of Canada., I very likely can give you everything you need in tax and accounting.

Because, in the 31 years I'm in public accounting, I've probably seen whatever issue you're dealing with, not once, but several times.
Also, you should know I'm a minimalist. Which means I give my clients only what they absolutely need. For example, every active corporation in Ontario needs annually: 1) financial statements 2) federal and Ontario corporate tax returns 3)t4's (usually) 5) t5's (sometimes) 6) GST returns.

But, beyond this, I only do work if specifically requested by you. I don't try to push my services on you.

Also, I don't do bookkeeping. It doesn't make sense for me too. You can get it done much cheaper by a bookkeeper, or, better, by you.

You should also know that because I work solo, I can only accept a limited number of personal tax return clients. 

Stuff I Do:
Regular stuff:
Tax returns-- personal, corporate, trust, charity

Financial statements-- mostly "notice to reader" , because that's all most small business owners need

Important note: I  issue "notice to reader" financial statements for tax purposes only( i.e., for inclusion with your corporate tax returns), not for financing purposes. If your bank or other lender requires a financial statement to lend you money, you'll need a "review engagement report" statement (see below)

Financial statements prepared in accord with generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP") to which a Review Engagement Report is attached--

Please note that Review Engagement Report statements start at $2,000 per set of financial statements because of the extensive work required to prepare even a simple statement. See Fees. Also, I  prepare these statements only if your  business has completed at least one full year of business and you can show me  a set of financial statements for that year.

Audited financial statements-- in special cases-- there has to be a 'fit". But feel free to call me for a quote.

GST returns, T4's, T5's, EHT returns, law society reports

Set up of bookkeeping and payroll systems

More specialized stuff:
tax planning and minimization, e.g., income splitting and deferral techniques; advising on corporate structure
part time controllership, e.g., if you need a controller for one day a week, or one day every two weeks
notice of objections
applications for relief of interest and penalties under the Fairness Package
R&D applications and coaching

Stuff I don't do
Mergers and acquisitions
complex organizational structures


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