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(Note: this guarantee applies for work performed by me  in 2006 and later  and later  where the total of all fees to a single client does not exceed $750 for any calendar year.)

 (Update Sept 22.09: Just to clarify: This guarantee is not a carte blanche to allow unscrupulous people to rip me off wholesale. If you give me a single personal return and don't pay for it-- for whatever reason--no problem. 

But if you haven't filed in a few years and give me a bunch of returns to file, then  I reserve the right to collect what's due to me.

I only mention this because this year in particular, i.e., in 2009, a few people have given me several years of work to do, then when it came time to pay, they just ignored my emails reminding them politely that their invoice hadn't  been paid.  Some of these characters are pulling in incomes of over $100,000 annually. Obviously, I can't ignore such  deliberate and blatantly dishonest  attempts to rip me off.

Listen: If a client is struggling financially, I can and have dropped my fee and made all sorts of accommodations to ease the financial burden.

But if someone is earning a good wage and callously tries to rip off  a hard working family guy like me, then I believe I have every right to take action.

So I have now retained the services of a collection service to deal with these characters.)


My guarantee is simple. If you're not satisfied with my service, for whatever reason , or for no reason at all, just don't pay. If you've already paid, just tell me you'd like your money back and I'll send it to you.


You'll get one and only one friendly reminder. If you don't want to pay the invoice, just ignore it.


And, you'll hear from me no further,( except to inform you that our professional relationship has been terminated.)


What could be easier and more hassle free.


Why do I do this? Simply because I'd rather not get paid than have a disgruntled client. If I can't deliver satisfactory service,


 then I don't want your money.


Just one warning: Your not paying gives me the right to delete all your records from my database and to terminate our professional relationship from 30 days from the date I mail or email my reminder to you.



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Last modified: January 01, 2013