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About  my  accounting practice and me


B.C. Chastkofsky C.A. is the name of my public C.A. accounting practice. It's in Toronto and owned by me , B.C. Chastkofsky C.A.

It's a rather small operation-- a sole proprietorship, no less. I do occasionally  use an assistant or two, but basically you just deal with me. 

I opened the practice in Feb '95 having worked for a number of medium sized C.A. accounting firms since 1975. 

The reason I started on my own was that I noticed that many of the smaller clients of the firms I worked with were paying hefty fees and getting sometimes crummy service. I figured if  some of these small business owners were to switch to me, they would get

better, more personalized service

at a lower fee

Most of the clients who switch to me  do so because they find their former accountants expensive and not responsive to their needs.

And, almost all my clients stick with me year after year.


Toronto tax help

That's just the address of this website. It's not the name of my practice. The rules of professional  conduct restrict C.A.s from using any name for their practices  other than their own names. Therefore my name = the name of  my accounting practice= B.C. Chastkofsky C.A.


Despite the ethnic flavour of my name, I was actually born in Toronto . I'm a guy in my 50's. I am  married, with kids.







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